Multilevel Algorithms

Sketch of the Templates

  1. Compute a static partial reordering

% latex2html id marker 1048A \to P^\top AQ
\textcolor{green}{E}& \textcolor{red}{C}


  2. Factor $P^\top AQ$ and control % latex2html id marker 1056
% latex2html id marker 1049P^\top AQ \longrightarrow \hat ...
U_B & {U_F}\\
0& I


  3. Apply strategy recursively to the approximate Schur complement (multilevel scheme)

Sketch of the Templates

west2021_org west2021_lev1start west2021_lev1end
west2021_lev2org west2021_lev2start west2021_lev2end

Last modified: October 11, 2011